SFM Services, Inc. is the go to service company and “one stop source” for all your Janitorial, Landscape and Security Guard Service needs. We are the company business owners, property owners, property managers, and municipal governments turn to secure, clean and make their properties look beautiful on the inside and out.

Our company is an industry leader in South Florida and across the U.S., and has been for nearly 40 years. It all started in 1972, when CEO, Jose Infante, took on his very first client, the City of Miami’s Orange Bowl Stadium. From football games, to concerts, to countless Super Bowls and College Football Championships, SFM serviced all Orange Bowl events until the final football game in 2007.

The concept behind SFM Services is simple - we are a “one stop source” for property managers or owners to outsource by contracting "Professional Facility Support Services" which include:

Just like Miami has grown, so has our company. We have more than 650 employees, who work from Monroe up to Palm Beach County. We have also completed projects in Central Florida, Tampa, Mississippi, and Texas. Since our start in janitorial services, SFM has evolved into a facility support provider that offers: Janitorial, Landscape, and Security Guard Services.

So why choose SFM? Whether you want to protect your property by hiring one of our fully-trained security guards, or you’re looking to beautify a property through our landscaping services, or you’re looking for a top-quality, janitorial company that won’t leave your business a mess, we can do it all for you, just by placing one, not three phone calls.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent services by anticipating our clients’ needs. Our mission is positive customer service, and we do that through communication and teamwork. So take a look, click on our Landscape, Janitorial, and Security pages, to see just what SFM Services can offer you!