Outdoor Event Cleaning Services Available

Whether it’s 100,000 electronic music fans at the Ultra Music Festival, 30,000 runners at the Corporate Run/Walk or 200 professional at a corporate event, South Florida has a myriad of beautiful outdoor locations to hold events. And, once you pick your ideal location, you’ll want it to look and feel impressive throughout the night. But let’s be realistic … do you really think you’ll have the time or desire to pick up trash or keep unwanted guests out? No! Luckily, you can outsource that part of the event.

Outdoor Event  Cleaning Services Available

Large gatherings with big crowds translate to a whole lotta trash and security issues. That’s why it’s essential, when planning large outdoor events, to budget for a professional cleaning and security services.

There are so many little details that need to be addressed and attended to when organizing large gatherings. So while you’re busy making sure all the water stations have been set-up at the 5K or the mother of the groom isn’t trying to steal the spotlight at the wedding, you can rely on professionals to:

  • Keep the location clean and safe
  • Conduct a post-event cleanup that returns the site to its original condition.
  • Handles waste removal and management.
  • Handles recycling.
  • Maintains hospitality and VIP areas.
  • Provides access control and perimeter security.
  • And much more!

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